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The Port Restaurant

A journey back to old Hoi An
During the 16th & 17 Century, Hoi An - or Faifoo as it was know then - was a major trading port along the silk route in South-East Asia. Traders from around the world set up businesses here to buy, sell and trade commodities. Amongst them, pottery and spices from Quang Nam were major exports. Hoi An’s long history with Europe started here and its influence can still clearly be seen around the historic ancient town.

While many traders passed through Hoi An, some decided to make it their home, creating a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, French and Portugeuese traders built homes, each bringing influences of their own architecture and style.

After the Thu Bon river silted up, the larger trading ships were no longer able to dock here and slowly this bustling port returned to a small peaceful town.

At The Port we have tried to capture the atmosphere of Faifoo and our decor reflects the importance of spices, silk and porcelain to this historical ancient town.

The Port is also home to a merchandise store and well being boutique.

The Port - Central Vietnamese classics and gourmet dishes served in stylish surroundings

Authentic Hoi An Street Food
Specialities and family recipes

The Morning Glory Cooking School and Restaurant opened its doors in 2006. As Ms Vy’s third hospitality establishment, Morning Glory restaurant was the cumulative result of Ms Vy’s passion and vision to create a venue where visitors could not only enjoy a gourmet Vietnamese dining experience, but could also see local Hoi An food specialities made first-hand in the open kitchen. Located just across the street from Cargo Club on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Morning Glory has become the ‘not-to-be-missed’ dining experience for most visitors to Hoi An.

Morning Glory Chef


Morning Glory Food
The restaurant and cooking school takes its name from the morning glory vegetable which, after rice, is the most commonly eaten food in Vietnam. One of the more appealing aspects of this edible plant is its resilience. It can grow in any kind of climate and from soil, mud or waterways. Its durable and flexible nature makes it symbolic in the eyes of Ms Vy, who views it as a representation of the Vietnamese character. It can survive, even thrive, in the harshest of conditions; growing into a beautiful green vegetable with a white star flower.


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The Port Restaurant

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05 Nguyen Hoang st, Hoi An - Quang Nam province - Viet Nam

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